Honoring Jamie Zimmerman

Today, I learned that a beautiful soul, Jamie Zimmerman, slipped on the rocky shore of Lumahai Beach in Kauai, Hawaii, was swept out to sea, and lost her life. The loss of Jamie is beyond understanding. When I think of our last conversation, and how I expressed my excitement and deep pleasure in knowing her and wanting to grow with her, my heart breaks over the lost opportunities of her young life, and how much the poorer we are by her loss. Jamie was a meditation teacher, doctor, broadcaster and humanitarian. She brought people together, in service to growth, awakening and love. I’ve known Jamie for only a short time, yet was deeply moved by her inner beauty, gentleness and light. Jamie's luminous and well-lived life, and now her passing, are a deep teaching for us, illustrating the power of a human life to touch, inspire, and enlighten the people and the world around us. We each have our own circle of influence-  the many lives we touch, from a smile on the street to our fellow travelers and beloveds. As the great Sufi poet, Hafez, has written, "Now is the season for you to know that everything you do is Sacred." Jamie lived this wisdom consciously. May her passing be a poignant invitation for us to live our own lives fully, each life a beautiful and powerful offering to our collective awakening.