Dear visitors to One Breath Circle,

It has been a privilege to weave together the learning and experience of a lifetime to offer the programs that you see in these pages. I look forward to welcoming the many collaborators who will be joining me in developing and refining this work so that its power and wisdom will be of deep service in your lives and the lives of all whom you touch. I have not arrived at this place unaided. I want to honor my many teachers, primary among them, Jessica Dibb, Saul Goodman, and Helen Stephenson. There are many friends and family who have loved, guided and supported me through the years, some who still walk the earth, and others who do not.  I wish to thank the many people with whom I have worked over the last 30 years. You have taught me about love, fearlessness, healing, transformation and possibility. I also take joy and inspiration from the great conversation that spirals down through the generations and centuries, through spiritual tradition, perennial wisdom traditions and the great poets, writers, musicians, artists , dancers and thinkers of eastern and western civilization. I, and we, are heirs to multiple lineages that flow like rivers to the ocean – the many pointing to the one. May we be fully illuminated by the awareness and experience of unity, knowing ourselves, and all beings, as one.

With gratitude and love,