NYC Awakening Course Begins Tuesday May 7!

I am so honored to welcome Jessica Dibb in bringing her extraordinary journey of deeply embodied presence and expansive consciousness to NYC for the first time: Awakening, the 8-Week Course. Jessica introduced me to Breathwork over thirty years ago, and has been a dedicated teacher of awakening and consciousness for me and many many others. I am profoundly grateful and excited that she is bringing her foundational course to NYC, and hope you'll join us.

Awakening has been the primary class of the Inspiration Consciousness School. It is a deep transmission and experience of unconditional love, access to inner guidance, and the practice of embodied presence in each moment, with every breath. It promotes grounding and expansive opening. People at any stage of inquiry – from beginners to master teachers – have taken this course to create rapid holographic paradigm shifts in their lives.

This powerful eight-week program promotes profound personal growth and transformation. Awakening is tailored to support each participant’s journey in order to enhance their personal life experiences through awakening every sense, feeling, and thought. Each person discovers the delight of BEING themselves fully; how to access love, wisdom, and presence though every breath; and how to bring their unique gifts to their lives and to the world.


  • Presence and Kinesthetic Aliveness

  • Emotional Expression, Sexuality, and Generative Growth

  • Will and Empowerment

  • Love and Relating to Others

  • Self Expression and Creativity

  • Wisdom, Intuition, and Dissolving Limiting Boundaries

  • Surrender and Union with Essential Nature/ Life Force/ the Sacred