Who We Are

Alice Wells

ALICE WELLS brings more than thirty years of experience in working therapeutically and integratively with people seeking to live their full potential, as well as with those in crisis, in emotional pain and depressive states or experiences of grief, trauma, loss or transition. Alice is committed to the alleviation of unnecessary suffering, and to supporting the emergence, creativity and wholeness of our essential nature as individuals and as a collective. Drawing on her extensive background and 35 years of experience in Eastern and Western philosophy, medicine and spiritual traditions, education, modern Depth Psychology, voice, dance and movement, bodywork, breathwork and other transformational practices that support healing, growth and awakening, Alice supports others in cultivating health and wellbeing – exploring and developing the potency of presence, and its multidimensional capacities in the realms of the individual, in relationship, in society, and in the circle of all life.

Alice is a visiting teacher and practitioner at the Inspiration Consciousness School of Baltimore, MD. She sits on the board of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance, an organization establishing training and ethical standards and a developing body of research and scholarship in the evolving field of breath practices. Alice co-founded Fairhaven School, in Upper Marlboro, MD, a Sudbury model school for children ages 4 to 19. Alice is the mother of three children, and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.