Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are a unique opportunity to explore the depth and breadth of one's own particular history, experiences and challenges along the arc of healing, growth and opening to living life fully. Sessions are a dedicated time and unconditional space in which to experiment with new ways of being in our bodies, hearts and minds, and so new ways of being in the world. We discover new ways of relating  to ourselves and to others. Through dialogue and direct experience in the moment, using breath, movement, voice and other practices, the work and play of individual sessions supports the sustained healing, growth and awakening process of the individual, leading to more energy, relaxation, awareness, capacity for love, joy, connection and a profound sense of well being. Individual sessions are particularly important and helpful for those who serve others, such as social workers, psychotherapists, social activists, medical personnel and first responders. Those who are seeking deep and sustained healing and growth are best supported by the combination of  individual sessions, circle work, and an ongoing personal practice.