One Breath Circle

"What is to give light must endure burning."
 Victor E. Frankl


Breath is the foundational practice in our programs. Breath belongs to everyone, touching the core of each breathing life on the planet. We are all connected by the breath, a biological and physiological process that calls us into the circle of all living things. Our first breath begins with the inhale of birth, and our last ends with the exhale of death. In life, we are held by this unconditional, animating and sustaining force that greens our blood and warms our bodies, producing energy that is the foundation for all life. All life is united in the breath. We are billions of life forms expressed by respiration, a great orchestra breathed by the life force: one breath breathing billions. We are one breath.

Breath is the language of the body, yet linked inextricably to the mind, heart and spirit. Each breath tells an unmediated story of what we are, how we are and where we have been, offering us direct contact with the raw material of living, with all its potency, purity and pith. As we deepen into the breath, we attend to the ways that we have been bound by fear, and work tenderly and with compassion to free the essential energies of truth, strength, beauty, connection, joy, wisdom, peace and love. We practice living these capacities alone and together, in our daily lives and in our relationships. 

Movement is another core practice in our programs. Movement is the breath made visible, an outer expression of an inner experience, and a language that both listens and speaks, receives and offers. So many of us have lost contact with the power and intelligence of our bodies, and the rich relationship that lives within us all between body, heart and mind. Movement becomes a field wherein we can explore inner and outer domains of relating to self and other, and to the one and to the many.  

Voice, the third core practice, is the breath made audible. The voice is the song of the body, heart and mind, that can be opened, released and shared in the world. Through practices of voice, sounding and speaking, we access and align with deep inner truth, and the capacity to attune to and resonate with the truth that is all around us.

Through breath, movement and voice, we explore the dimensions of aliveness from stillness to dynamism, body, heart, mind and spirit. 

 Each life is consecrated by the breath. Through breath, we return again and again to the boundless- that unity that we are, in all our diversity. We are invited to consciously return to contact with the boundless through the breath, making a living inquiry into the possibility of being an embodied, awake and attuned human being living in the complex world of the 21st century. Through a deep listening to the breath and its dimensionality in all parts of our human experience – the depth and intelligence of the body, heart, mind and spirit, our whole beings are invited to participate in the intimate yet vast conversation of all things with all things.  And from this conversation arises a knowing and a guidance that can inform us in our inner and outer journeys, and the cultivation of the willingness to open and be opened fully to life. We come to recognize that we are all expressions of this One Breath. We come to know all breath as one breath, all breathers as one breather, and experience unity in the midst of our diversity, our circle.